Monday, December 7, 2009

Signing Off...

As the title indicates, this will be my final post, but before I say goodbye, I wanted to post some photos of the big day. In all honesty, The Backyard Wedding turned out to be more beautiful, more fun and full of more love than I ever thought possible. I'll be eternally grateful for every minute and every detail, from the sheer giddy girlish joy of finally becoming a bride... getting to pose for photos with my amazing family and non-bridesmaids... walking down an aisle lit by candles on my dad's arm... hearing my dad read the ceremony we'd written together while I was looking at The Backyard Groom and crying happy tears... getting a new piece of bling... becoming husband and wife... staring moony-eyed at each other all night... seeing a simple suburban backyard turned into my dream wedding venue... getting some new family members... dancing with my dad... getting cake smashed in my face... dancing with The Backyard Groom, I mean The Backyard Husband... seeing all my favorite people having fun on the dance floor... just plain being MARRIED!

Thank you for following along on my journey to the altar. Blogging about my experiences as The Backyard Bride made all the stresses of planning a wedding so much more enjoyable and memorable for me. As I move on to the next phase of my life, I wish you all the best for your weddings and, more importantly, for everything that comes after the "I do."

The Backyard Wife


  1. Yes you really had a very beautiful wedding! Your pictures seem to tell stories about your big day. Hope you'll have a new blog about the new phase you are in after the "I do.."

    Jasper @ B & B Tent Rental NJ

  2. The wedding location, regardless of how big or small the place is, wouldn't stop you from achieving the wedding you have dreamed of. After all, it's not about the size but about what will take place in that venue. However, it is the most important aspect of the wedding ceremony because the rest of the decision will be based on it. If you will be inviting only a few friends and family members then a backyard wedding is good to go. Best wishes!

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